Thursday, 14 April 2011

Alexandria's Genesis

what's Alexandria's genesis?
Alexandria’s Genesis, a.k.a violet eyes (a genetic mutation). When someone is born with Alexandria’s Genesis, their eyes are blue or gray at birth. After six months, the eyes begin to change from their original color to purple, and this process lasts six months. During puberty, the color deepens to dark purple, a deep purple, a royal purple, or a violet-blue color and remains that way. It does not affect the person’s eyesight.
Those who have this mutation will never grow any facial, body, pubic, or anal hair (not including hair on their head, on their ears, noses, eyebrows and eyelashes) Women also do not menstruate, but are fertile.
So basically they’re perfect people. 
Upon further research, the “symptoms” of those who have Alexandria’s genesis are shimmering, white skin that resists tanning or burning; no body hair other than that which they are born with; purple-colored eyes; a slowing down and even stopping of the aging process; a life span of up to 170 years; their bodies produce little or no waste; their bodies are well-developed; their immune systems are incredibly strong, and resist every disease known to man; they have perfect vision; and they never gain weight. In other words, they’re really “super-human”.

For me personally, this case is unique but there’s still few people having this symptom. but unfortunately, my kids would not or difficult for having those eyes color bcoz I'm Asian :D
For more info you can read here --> Alexandria's Genesis


Anonymous said...

We have a lot of anxieties, and one cancels out another very often.

Anonymous said...

Genetics research acknowledges that Alexandria's Genesis Mutation is real but its benefits are not.